I have been a career Deputy District Attorney for over 27 years where I proudly serve the people of Los Angeles County, advocating on behalf of victims and public safety as well as safeguarding the constitutional rights of the accused.  I am a seasoned trial attorney and have developed an expertise in prosecuting crimes targeting some of the most vulnerable victims in our community, children.  In addition to handling child abuse and molestation cases, I also specialize in prosecuting crimes involving rape, domestic violence, elder abuse, hate crimes, and murder relating to these areas.  Currently, I am a Deputy-In-Charge supervising attorneys handling these types of specialized cases.  I am entrusted with the responsibility of making life-altering decisions every day, including the decision whether or not to file criminal charges and authorizing plea agreements.  Prior to law school, I held jobs as a paralegal, shop clerk, and fast-food worker.  



  • Deputy-In-Charge, Victim-Impact-Program (VIP)(child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, hate crimes, and elder abuse prosecutions) Southwest Judicial District (2017 – present)

  • Administration, Special Assistant (2015 - 2017)

  • Justice System Integrity Division, Trial Attorney

  • Family Violence Division, Trial Attorney

  • Stuart House (child sexual assault prosecutions), Trial Attorney

  • Central Trials, Trial Attorney

  • LAX Branch, Trial Attorney

  • Compton Branch, Trial Attorney

  • Beverly Hills Area Office, Trial Attorney

  • East Los Angeles Area Office, Trial Attorney

  • Long Beach Branch, Senior Law Clerk 


  • 1736 Crisis Center and Long Beach Women's Shelter 

  • Vistas for Children 

  • Las Hermanas 

  • Oxfam Hunger Banquets 

  • Midnight Mission 

  • Project Lead (taught elementary school students about the justice system)

  • Sexual Assault Response Team


  • Columbia Law School, J.D. (1994)

  • UC Berkeley, B.A. (1989)

PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS (Los Angeles District Attorney's Office):

“DIC Chang is a very experienced prosecutor and served as a regular resource not only within, but also outside the office….she advised attorneys and law enforcement regarding the investigation and prosecution of VIP and non-VIP cases.”

“Ms. Chang is a very experienced attorney and is an expert in domestic violence and sex crimes prosecutions.”


“She is a very experienced prosecutor who always produces a highly professional work product.  She is frequently assigned complex and sensitive cases and always completes her assignment on time with a high level of professional skill.”


“Ms. Chang spends hours reviewing documents to ensure that she is thoroughly prepared in her numerous complex cases.”


“She is in the process of filing a case against an Airport Police Officer who sexually assaulted a woman who was waiting for her flight.”  (convicted by jury trial)


“She also filed a case against a sheriff’s deputy who engaged in oral copulation with a 16 yr-old explorer.”


“She is capable of handling the most complex and sensitive cases….  Her written work product is always of the highest quality and well reasoned.”


“Ms. Chang’s work product is always well written and her analysis and judgment is exceptional.”